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Immigrants Rights is a nonprofit organization with immigration attorneys who provide affordable legal representation to immigrants and refugees in underserved rural areas in California.

To provide affordable immigration-based legal representation to immigrant families in need and to immigrants not adequately represented. This includes low-income immigrants, immigrants in difficult to reach rural areas, and immigrants fleeing their home countries because of persecution.

  • DACA/DACA Renewals

  • Family Petitions

  • U Visas (For Victims of a Crime)

  • Waivers (Asking for Forgiveness for Unlawful Immigration Status or a Past Crime)

  • Adjustments of Status (Green Card Applications)

  • Naturalization of Citizenship

  • VAWAs (For Victims of Domestic Abuse)

  • And More

Immigrants Rights seeks to provide access to affordable legal representation to immigrants in difficult-to-reach rural areas of California where access to representation for those in greatest financial need is severely limited.


  • Immigration Representation in Monterey County
    Immigration Representation in Monterey County From our main office in Salinas in Monterey County, we provide representation on applications with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as representation in removal proceedings for asylum seekers. In Monterey County, there is currently a great need for advocates who provide removal defense to immigrants facing deportation in immigration court. There remarkably few affordable options for immigrants to obtain representation for immigration court in Monterey County. Local immigration advocates currently have to refer clients to San Francisco in order to find court representation. This is problematic because individuals living in Monterey County who are facing possible removal are often unable to afford to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to obtain an attorney. This makes representation out of reach for many people who are seeking help.
  • Nothern California Project
    Expansion of Immigration Representation to Rural Areas Throughout Northern California We are in the process of expanding our immigration-related legal representation immigration to reach immigrants living in Northern California. Our focus is on helping individuals living in underserved rural areas. We are working on building upon the team we already have in place to expand our representation to new areas in Northern California. This work will be done remotely. ​

Your Donation

With your contribution to Immigrants Rights, you are creating opportunities for families who would deserve yet cannot afford legal representation. Your donation will directly support the lives of immigrants in California. Donations will be processed securely through PayPal. Thank you for helping change a family’s future!

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